Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nudity and Nickelback

So, a few months back, my daughter said that she'd take me to see Nickelback, for my birthday. (Well, 'take' me is a bit of a misnomer. If i were a little more cynical, I'd say that she wanted me to go so that i could drive her and her friend. But I'll go with her interpretation) So, finally, the day comes, and off we go.

We left a little early, did a little shopping, and whatnot along the way. The concert was at the Molson Ampitheatre, in Toronto. We had seats, so we weren't worried about getting there early in order to get a good spot on the grass. On the way down, I remember thinking "I doubt if we're going to have an adventure like Paul Michael Murphy did, when he went to see Elton John and Billy Joel." Sigh.

So, we got there in lots of time, although, you know, there was the requisite having to turn around because I thought that surely can't be the line to get into the parking. Turns out, yes it was.

The concert opened with Saving Abel, who were very loud, and they swore a lot. I worried about the pigeons flying around under the roof. Are they bothered by the loud music? I wonder if they're deaf... hmmmm I don't really like birds in enclosed spaces, but, you know, they were pretty far away.

The second band was Papa Roach. They were also loud, and swore more than the first, if that's at all possible.

I felt old at this point.

The next band was really good, although they swore a lot, too. Hinder They were good, and i knew enough of their music that i could sing along with some of the songs. I didn't embarrass anyone, though, not like the woman two rows in front of me, who was 'whooing' along with girls half her age.... ok, less than half her age. Her daughter spent most of the concert looking like she hoped no one she knew saw her.

So, yeah. The weather report earlier in the day was calling for thunderstorms, but for most of the afternoon, it was nice and sunny. Real hot, though... then we saw the clouds coming. The bolts of lightning. then the rain... then the guy comes on the stage and says that they'll postpone the concert, until the rain passes... so we hang out for a while. and get wetter. and more wet. and then, you reach a point where you can't get any more wet. At that point, they cancel the rest of the concert. I guess Chad Kroeger is too cute to play in the rain. (well, i guess there were safety issues... )

So, off we go back to the car... the offspring is splashing in puddles like she was 3 instead of almost 18. And we're talking about how uncomfortable it'll be to drive all the way home (almost 2 hrs) in wet jeans, because, of course, we don't have dry clothes to put on, and even if we did, they'd be wet before we could get dressed, the rain was coming down that hard. Here's where the nudity comes in. It's night time, its dark... Yeah. we drove home nearly nude. (I did have a t shirt on, the girls had a bit less) Shockingly, the guy at McD's drive thru didn't notice.


suck on that.


Paul Michael Murphy said...

I sympathize. Sorry you had to hear the swears. I tell myself that I shouldn't really care if my daughter hears bad words because a.)she's going to hear them soon or later anyway and b.)what's the big deal? Everyone I know swears and it hasn't turned them into axe murderers and c.)It's probably better to just have her know the words and then explain when it's okay to use them and when it's not, but still, it bothers me.

My wife would have insisted on leaving because of the birds. She doesn't even like shopping in the outdoor garden area at Lowe's.

As for being wet, isn't the word "chafing" one of those perfect words? I love words that sound as uncomfortable as the thing they describe.

And lastly, you don't know how I envious I am of "so, suck on that." That probably makes me a tad egotistical, eh?

Monica said...

If i had actually been under the roof, i would have insisted on leaving. Birds are just nasty little beasts, when they're inside.

The swearing.... i dont mind a good swear now and then. There are some times when nothing else fits. Like, when you kick the wall, or fall up the stairs... but, come on, when it substitutes for vocabulary, its just stupid, dang it.
There are some words that are just perfect, aren't they? They just evoke the very thing or feeling they describe, without even trying.

You know, PMM, if I were a more generous person, i'd give that catchphrase back to you. But i'm kind of selfish.

LB said...

makes one wonder what else drive thru staff see if this did not get a reaction!


Anita said...

I couldn't get past the birds...I kept thinking they'd make great Pixar their grandparents had seen some rock star in concert and said the dude was the greatest ever. Then the dude comes back and his concert sucks and they HAVE to find out why. Then they find out why and turn the dude's life around.

I also would've been w/o pants.

Kelly said...

1.This same concert is playing in a week and a half here and I can't go due to my hs reunion. Papa Roach is of my fave bands ever! (swearing and all...when I saw them last they were with other Fword bands and the parents with their 12 year olds were cringing!!!). My almost ten yr old so wants to go to a concert with me, but I don't want him to hear the F-word every five minutes!
2. My mom still takes me to concerts ;)
3. Oh, man! You never got to see Nickelback?!
4. You should have at least gotten a free fries for semi-flashing the McD's guy! :)

Monica said...

1. Papa Roach is an awesome band, even with the swearing. I love their song Hollywood Whore. loooove it.

2. I hope your mom doesn't embarrass you. Things have turned around in my life, and i end up taking my mom to concerts. She's not usually embarrassing, but does comment on anything she feels like, not caring who listens.

3. I know eh? Gonna get our money back, but its just not the same. I can rationalize it, cuz we were really far away, and couldn't have really seen just how freaking schmexy he is anyway, and the last time i saw him, i was close enough to throw my panties on stage. (not that i would have, they were my good ones.)

4. Again.. i know eh? sheesh. Kids these days. free nothin.

Anita, i would totally go see that movie. I can just see the birds getting together to sew the rock star a new costume, with their little beaks, a la Cinderella. if you do write the screenplay, can you credit me, or at least make sure i get a voice part??

Big Plain V said...

Ooo, you're a naughty one.

Monica said...

shh, don't tell anyone, Big V

Kelly said...

You crack me up, Monica!
You're "but they were my good panties" comment made me giggle. My husband's aunt (who's only a few years older than me) threw her bra up on stage once. I was like "Bras are so expensive! How could you do that?!"