Sunday, June 21, 2009

Critical Monkey Contest

I'm doing my best not to make every blog about books and stuff. I'd like my blog to 'appeal to the masses', as it were, and, frankly, not every one out there is bookish. Even people who write books don't always like to read them. So, I promise, that the next few blogs will not be about books. Just give me this last one for a while.

I just read about a challenge on Corey Redekop's blog. Good reader, I know that there are some snobby readers out there. I sometimes try to pretend that I'm a literary snob, but I have to admit that there are times when nothing but a trashy romance will do. There was also that summer when I worked straight nights at the nursing home. I would read 4 Harlequin's a night. And do the work.

So, anyway. Mr. Redekop has a year long contest, to write seven reviews over the next year. Starting July 2, 2009, you can put links to your reviews in the comment section of his blog, and he'll collect the entries and announce a winner by July 2, 2010. Prizes to be announced.

Take a look, see what you think, and enter the freaking contest. (My next blog will be about the Cat Wearing Mirrored Aviators. Stay tuned)

And now, trying out my new tagline.

So, suck on that.


Paul Michael Murphy said...

I think I might try this. I promise my reviews will be unlike the others.

Kelly said...

LOVE the tagline!
I really am a terrible book reviewer, I think because I'm not a literary snob maybe. So I'll enjoy reading others' reviews!!
Looking forward to the next cat post ;)

Monica said...

I love reading other people's reviews, but i'm not really much good at doing them myself.

PMM, anything of yours is unlike any other thing i've ever seen... even your lawn.

Kelly, the tag line is courtesy of PMM. I'm trying it out.

oh, and about the cat? just you wait. I've got to get a picture of the cat. I hope he's still got his glasses on, i feel a bit of time pressure. I mean, how much longer can the cat wear those darn glasses?

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Jeesh, I hadn't even noticed the tag line. Splendid. Now I wish I would have kept it for myself.

Big Plain V said...

I read that Kayne West story. Is that guy a walking ignorance phenomenon or what?

And blog-post-wise, I say blog about whatever the Sam "H" you want to post about. It IS the fundamental purpose of owning a blog. And don't feel like you have to attract 70 followers. I'm finding that the more attention your blog gets, the more time you have to spend visiting blogs you're really not interested in. It's a lot more fun to just have a handful of online friends whose online company you enjoy.

Review-wise, I'm having a balll writing these little three paragraph reviews on Facebook. I doubt anyone reads them, but it's fun to have the book cover and click the stars and all that. Are you on FB, Ms. Murphy? If so, find me, add me, and I'll share my nifty tool with you.

Monica said...

i will do that, Mr. V. that sounds like fun. I need practice writing reviews, i think. So far, i only like reviewing books taht i like. Probably because i don't have the patience to read something i don't like.
Looking forward to FB'ing you. (does that sound dirty at all? it's not meant to)

PMM... i re read my blog, and i think that i didn't give the tagline enough emphasis. not your fault, that you missed it. I would say that you can use it, but it might look like you're copying me. I'd hate for you to look bad.

BJW said...

cool blog Monica.

I think I found it through Tracy Wymer's blog, Crossing Chalk. I enjoy hearing other writers talking about writing, life, etc. It's nice knowing other people are going through the same stuff.

Nice finding you. cheers