Friday, June 5, 2009

Decision made

Ok. I've decided that I need to have a blog. I've got way too many opinions about things, and not enough people know about them...
I know. What a travesty, you say.

Of course, now that I've made that decision, any opinion I've had about anything has completely left my head. And other things are coming into my head, like:
1. what if i offend people?
2. what if no one reads this?
3. what if people read, but, frankly, don't give a rats ass about my opinion.

all these things, and more, are what travel through the space between my ears.

So, maybe I'll just free associate......what to do, what to do.. oh yes, ok.. here goes.

Read in the news today that a decision has been made in the disposition of that Vincent Li case, out west. (he's the schizophrenic guy who murdered another passenger on the bus). He was found Not Criminally Responsible, and I guess that some people are up in arms about that. On the way to school this morning, #2 offspring and I were talking about this. While she understands that some people, especially the victim's family, are upset about this, she said to me "If it were me, I think that I'd be comforted that they've figured out why he did that, and he's going to a place where they'll try to fix that." It makes me wonder how a 17 yr old girl gets that, and so many other people don't. This guy is not getting a free ride. Secure mental hospitals are no joke. He's going to a secure hospital, where he'll receive treatment, which will address his issues of risk. Isn't that much better than punishing an obviously mentally ill man and not paying attention to the issues that caused the murder in the first place?

That's my opinion, anyway.

awaiting comments...........


Paul Michael Murphy said...

I don't know the case, but I am nevertheless offended.

Monica said...

Well, thanks, PMM. It's huge news up here. Maybe i should edit this blog and put in a link to a news story (now that i know how to do that) There's a lot to learn about this blogging thing.